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Domestic Agreements and Divorce

     Ms. Gilbert works to safeguard a client’s current and long-term interests in drafting Domestic Agreements. She has experience drafting prenuptial and post nuptial agreements. These contracts are written to establish the disposition of property, resolve child custody disputes and inheritance issues should the parties to the marriage divorce. Often, domestic or marital agreements are used to protect the inheritance rights of children from a prior marriage. It is imperative to receive competent legal counsel on one’s rights, options and the consequences of each option so that clients can make a decision that is in their best interest given the circumstances.

     Ms. Gilbert attempts to protect the welfare of the parties’ minor children, and at the same time, aspires to achieve an amicable divorce, where possible. Ms. Gilbert’s extensive business background has repeatedly proven valuable to client’s whose spouses have attempted to hide or prevent their spouse from accessing both information and marital assets. While divorce has significant personal, financial and emotional impacts, Ms. Gilbert attempts to provide honest, straightforward legal advice for individuals seeking or considering a divorce, or for individuals who find themselves as the respondent in a divorce action.


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