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Questionnaire for Estate Planning

     With the national debate ensuing on the future of the estate tax, Cathleen Gilbert helps focus clients on their tangible estate planning goals, such as preserving their estate, avoiding probate and ensuring assets are distributed to the persons and entities each respective client desires. Additionally, Cathleen Gilbert helps clients understand the current federal estate tax in effect so they may make planning decisions to reduce their estate taxes. Ms. Gilbert advises each client of their options and allows them to elect the plan that most closely meets their individuals goals. Ms. Gilbert often consults with the client’s accountant, financial planner, broker, and insurance agent to ensure all facets of the client’s portfolio are coordinated properly. There is a questionnaire that can be downloaded from this page, to be completed by clients and returned to Ms. Gilbert prior to or at the time of their first meeting to expedite the estate-planning process. Ms. Gilbert was voted by her peers in Utah as one of Utah’s “Legal Elite” in 2007 in the category of Wills, Trusts and Estates, as published in the Utah Business Magazine.


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